Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes I said it….they all lose. The Denver Broncos, the Chicago Bears and Jayesha Cutler.

Here is why! The Denver Broncos have lost one of the most consistent coaches of our time in Mike Shannahan and they are getting yet another installment of the failures that are Bill Belichick’s coordinators. When are people going to learn, Belichick is the genius here! Not one of Bill Belichick’s coordinators turned head coach have worked out yet, in college or in the pros. Not to mention Josh McDaniels handled the whole trading of Cutler situation horribly, and this is in no way excusing the female that is Vajayjay Cutler.

Denver loses a pro-bowl QB, their star Wide Receiver will not be happy until he is either locked up or suspended from the NFL altogether and the defense was the worst in the league last year. Yet the Broncos bring in an OFFENSIVE Coordinator to be head coach and then that genius immediately pursues a 16 game…I’m sorry 15 game starter over a seasoned young Pro-bowler. AWESOME! Broncos…you lose!!

But how did the Chicago Bears lose? I’m not done! The Bears do get a very good QB, however although she is very pretty and overcame diabetes to have a pro-bowl season, she does have extreme PMS. So what happens if Lovie Smith or Brian Urlacker should hurt her feelings? The Bears have also have an aging, injury prone defense and pretty much no draft picks to fill the voids. They do have an exceptional running back in Matt Forte BUT Ms. Cutler and her great arm have to throw down field, but to whom? Bears you lose too!!!

Jaylisa Cutler you lose as well. You went from having an All Pro ex-con horse Wide out in Brandon Marshall to Devin Aromashodu, do you know him? Me either. In fact Devin Aromashodu’s mother tells all her friends her son is a drug dealer because she does not want to admit her son is a Chicago Bears WR.

Jayveka Cutler your rookie 3rd option slot WR Eddie Royal would be the first option in Chicago. So get used to a lot of dropped passes and bad route running and plenty of handing off to Matt Forte because Jaydonna Cutler…YOU LOSE!

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