Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Want to see something funny?

Yes you are seeing what it is you think you are seeing!! That right there is a album cover with the 1995 No. 1 overall draft pick on it….JOE SMITH!

Yes, VA’s own, Joe Smith! NOVA UNIT (Joe Smith's own record label) IN THE HOUSE!! HAAAAAA!!

That would be Joe Smith for those foreign to the Cleveland Cavaliers' veteran power forward. The Cavaliers and about 47 other NBA teams....wait...the NBA only has 32 teams. My bad. But I am almost certain he played for 47 teams. Oh well.

Joe Smith…I mean Joe Beast released a mix tape in December called "The Beginning" is taking publicly his love of music and rapping with his playoff song and recent CD.

Cleveland.com reports…

"Primarily, though, Smith sticks to songs about life. He raps about the diamonds he wears, about how he's "the last of a dyin' breed," about his difficult upbringing in Norfolk.
In all, Smith says he's written about 400-500 songs"

Here are some lyrics from the Beast song where he raps about the Cavaliers quest for a championship…

"One team, one goal, one dream.
One thing, one quest, one ring.
Once again it's on, back on the quest for a title.
In order for us to get it we must compete with our rivals.
See the president, 'Bron James the King;
and Anderson Varejao, they call him the Wild Thing. "

That mess sound like my 3 year old son made it up!! I would tell Joe Beast to stick to basketball, but then again, he is not even that good at basketball either.
Click here to hear the HIlarity that is Joe Beast.