Friday, April 24, 2009


After losing to the Lakers in a horrible fashion in game 1 and 2 of the first round NBA series, head coach of the Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan said...

"We're not a nasty know most the teams we've had (previously in Utah) have been pretty nasty - they will get after you from daylight until dark. We're just learning how to get after it a little bit more as we go along with younger guys"

Well last night they got nasty!!! Carlos Boozer had a big game with 23 points and 22 rebounds and a 4th Quarter highlight where he blew past Gasol to go beast on him with a left handed flush!

They also played some GREAT defense on the supposedly great Kobe Bryant. Bryant only made 5 out of 24 shots for 18 points. That does not sound like a franchise player and team leader in a playoff game on the road, does it?

Deron Williams was not playing well either for the majority of the night but unlike Kobe Bryant, Williams came through when it counted. Deron Williams hit a fadeaway jumper with 2 seconds left that lifted the Utah Jazz to an 88-86 win over the LA Lakers.

They got nasty and they are back in the 7 game series. I cannot wait to see game 4 in Utah.

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