Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Come on Ford Family!!!

The Detroit news reports....

From the fashion statement on the front of the jersey to the end-zone decoration at Ford Field to the font on the team's stationery, the Lions are projecting a simpler, more streamlined brand.

The colors won't change -- it's still Honolulu blue and silver -- and only time will tell if the team's football fortunes will, but even owner William Clay Ford Sr. agreed last fall it was time to freshen-up the Lions' appearance…

Fans gathered at the Dunham's Sports store in Madison Heights on Monday for the official announcement, with team president Tom Lewand explaining the reasons behind one of his pet projects that began last fall.

"It's not just about a transformed lion," Lewand said after the new logo was unveiled Monday. "This is about transforming our brand." …

There will be changes to the game-day atmosphere at Ford Field as well, though you can forget about cheerleaders for next season. There are no plans currently to change that tradition, Lewand said.

So you mean to tell me the Detroit Lions don’t have cheerleaders!!! Its no wonder the half the population in Detroit Michigan has not jumped off a skyscraper!

The Detroit Pistons traded Chauncey Billips, the Detroit car industry is bleeding out like a stuck pig, Michigan State was MOLLYWHOPPED by UNC, the Detroit Lions is possibly the worst Franchise in the History of sports, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND they DO NOT have CHEERLEADERS!!!

Those fans neeeeed some cheerleaders….they need some butt naked cheerleaders to be exact! These people are paying good money to go to a Detroit Lions game to see players suck horribly and they don’t even get to see some cheerleading eye candy?!?!?!

As a matter of fact they need EXTREME cheerleaders!!! The Lions are so bad they need to pay good money to Halle Berry and few other celebrities to be out there cheering while insufficiently clothed!

I bet the drug business is booming in Michigan!!! I am getting miserable just typing this, I cant imagine living there.

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