Monday, April 27, 2009

Recession proof job!

In these critical times jobs are very hard to find. Folks are getting laid off, businesses are filing for Bankruptcy and companies are going out of business. It seems no company or job is safe right now. Well I found a job that will never die!

The ketchup packet maker!!!

It sounds funny but these things are EVERYWHERE! Ketchup packets are in every store, almost every restaurant, I just saw some ketchup packets in my sock drawer at home, I don't even know how they got there!!

Just think, people use them every day, there are never enough of them, yet you see them everywhere you look. Ketchup packets never seem to go bad, even in your car in the summer time.

You can use them for anything and people are always trying to keep them or asking for more and someone has to make them. So while AIG is broke and borrowing money from the government and the Fannie Mae execs are killing themselves, the ketchup packet makers are working some serious overtime and reviewing resumes for new hires as I type this post!

So you can keep your mortgages companies and your bank jobs...because when the pig spore hits the wind spinner...I want to be a ketchup packet maker!!

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