Friday, November 13, 2009

The Face of Failure!?!

Ok I have to say this….The NFL game last night WAS ONE OF THE WORST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if the NFL Network production was bad or if there were 15 people in the stands, maybe it was both but it was horrible either way!

I mean this was supposed to be the premiere of the NFL Network's games for the season and they picked that horrible game and those horrible commentators.

They could have picked Cincy at Pittsburg, Dallas at Green Bay, or even Philly at San Diego and they picked a Division 3 game....It felt like I was watching a High School game or possibly a game between Laburnum State University and Colonial Heights Community College!

I would have rather watched a game between some horrible Black least halftime would have been good!!!

My class was cancelled last night, so I was excited to get home to see my family and to get to see the early game, but I feel asleep 3 times…EARLY IN THE GAME!!!

It was like watching paint drying and grass growing at the same time!

The commentating was worse than the game!! With all the great personalities on the NFL Network why would they choose that LOSER from the Detroit Lions Fiasco! Why would anyone hire him for anything?!?

After what Matt Millen did in Detroit the only thing I would hire him for is consulting…ON WHAT NOT TO DO, either that or replacing the entire urinal cakes in my office building.

How does he keep getting jobs? He must have naked pictures of all the right people. I mean I have some naked pictures of some very important people but the only problem is that I am in the pictures too, so they don’t have quite the same impact….sigh.

Have to have this!


This clock was created using an old recycled Fischer turntable and a Doobie Bothers album, Minute by Minute, which is replaceable.

The clock movement is quartz, and requires 1 AA battery (included). The album size is 33. The entire clock measures 17"w x 14h and hangs on the wall with 2 hangars on the back.

It will make a great conversation piece on your wall.

These clocks are made from actual recycled turntables and albums.

So oldschool I think I love it.