Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In case you have been hiding under a rock, I would like to personally introduce you to greatness. The greatness that is Ryan Leslie. Ryan Leslie recently released his debut album entitled "Ryan Leslie" and is nothing short of classic. The album is 12 songs of pure artistry.
"Ryan Leslie" is one of those albums you can put in the player and let it play straight thru, no skipping no fast forwarding, although you rewind more than a few times.
There are dance songs, love songs, in love songs and just plain great songs to enjoy. My personal favorite this week is the song "Gibberish".
"Gibberish" is pure genius to me, the music is timeless and would unquestionably be a radio hit, yet Ryan's originality enlightened him to basically have no real lyrics to the song. Ryan mumbles and murmers the entire song and it is remarkable.
All songs are written, arranged and produced by Ryan Leslie. The whole album is classic, all the songs are well written, with decent lyrics, that are respectful to women and nothing too suggestive. I personally look forward to the next one from Ryan Leslie. However if the album is not enough for you and want more Ryan Leslie go to his website

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  1. Classic album indeed, cant get enouph of it!!!!