Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am in love!

What’s cooler than the Oldschool? If you are like me, you would say NOTHING; however I think I just found it. With this new product, the Oldschool has just met the new school and they look like soul mates.

When I saw this radio, I heard choir music and sunrays filled the room…the look, the CLASSIC UNIVERSITY FEEL, the awesomeness levels are through the roof!
You get the Oldschool feel of a boom box, with the new school feel of an iPod, so there is no cassettes, no slow rewinding, no ejecting, no flipping the cassette, no nothing but gigabits of music with an Oldschool look…I love it!!
It is a iPod Boombox. The Lasonic i931 ($120) is a portable music system in true retro ghetto blaster style, you can play this Boombox via an iPod dock."The i931 features playback of MP3s via an iPod dock, usb port, or SD/MMC card slot. In addition, the i931 has AM/FM radio, remote, mic input, and bass and treble EQ controls. The system is capable of blasting out 15 watts per channel through separate woofers and tweeters. Headphone jack output Radio function (AM/ FM) Large text display on LCD Full function remote controls Separate bass and treble controls Many adjustable features in menu Accurately real time clock display Volume level indication (LED) Powerful Audio Output USB slot compatible Support USB flash drive and SD/MMC card to playback MP3 files iPod control available for playback, charging and interaction Mic Mix with /ECHO VOL Max power 15 watts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You sank my 12 steps!

This is the Enigma, the classic Battleship game turned into a simple to play (and fun) bar game. It´s played just like the usual Battleship game with one addition.
If you miss the target you drink a sip of liquo.....I mean water, and if you hit an enemy boat you opponent empties the corresponding shot glass. The exterior design of the wood case was based on the enigma encrypting machine as well as the game´s name. The game also features a radar screen to mark the shots of each player and a list of the ships remaining.Have fun, and drink responsibly!

This May Be the Coolest Thing I have ever Seen!!!

If you like being distracted by projections and animations while you play pool, the Obscura CueLight is for you. It uses sensors and an overhead projector to create images that follow the balls as they bang around the table.

The system itself will set you back $80,000, no pool table included. At the Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pad, where it's currently set up, it's projecting on a $125,000 pool table. So at $205,000...Bottom line: you can't afford it.

In addition to this setup, where the balls reveal an image hidden underneath, you can also set it up to have flames track behind the balls, or water that ripples as the balls pass over it. It's a pretty awesome trick, one that works surprisingly smoothly.

They're working on new software that will make it more useful than flashy, too. Imagine playing pool and having the lines where you should shoot projected down on the table, with a computer doing all the math necessary to show you just where to aim and how hard to hit. I have to have this!!!