Thursday, May 21, 2009

You only THOUGHT you saw it all!!

What if you lived with some nasty people, either family or roommate, both can be disgusting at times. If you have no idea what I am talking about then YOU are probably the nasty, filthy person I am talking about.

Well lets just say its not you, and you don’t like using the same bathroom as this nasty person, who leaves the seat wet or dirty, well here is the answer to your prayers….toilet PAGES!!

This toilet comes with pages or tabs if you will, that provides each person with their own personal toilet seat.

When it’s your turn to ummm, do your bizness, simply look for your name, lift the lid and other seats until you see your personal seat and bang…bathroom boo-boo bliss!!

Unless of course this nasty person you live with is also a jerk and they use your seat any way, in which case you have wasted your money on this seat because you could have just had a regular toilet if they are going to use your seat any…whew…let me calm down.

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