Sunday, May 3, 2009

Liberate your face!

Have you been looking for that great conversation piece because you have trouble starting conversations? Well, wait no more!

In just 7 easy steps, you will be in all the conversations…but none of them will actually be WITH you, just about how crazy you look.

All 7 steps can be found here.

You can learn how to make yourself a ski mask so that you can liberate your face in cold weather.

Now you can out in public without having to worry about people thinking you might have criminal tendencies just because your face is hidden behind a ski mask.

Every one will treat you just like they normally do because they can recognize you, knowing that you are not just some creep walking down the street in a ski mask.

Nope, you will not look creepy at all. But before you go out, don't forget to brush your teeth.

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