Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Tirade!!!

I was flipping through the channels the other night and I came across the original 50 cent hit “In da Club”.

While this was and is a great song, unbeknownst to myself and those who loved it, it was the beginning of an era that I despise. The era of the song about the CLUB!!!!!!

If you were to listen to a hip-hop/R&B radio station for any significant length of time these days you are going to hear a song about either the club, what goes on in the club or the notorious V.I.P.

Due to the popularity of the songs about the Club, many new artist have to have a club song, and some artist are making their first single a song about the club, as a result the radio waves are flooded with this nonsense.

Granted, some of these songs are made “FOR” the club and to get you up and dancing, however the same goal can be accomplished with plain old original music, there is no need to focus so heavily on the actual club.

Just to illustrate my point, check out a few of these recent hit songs…

Usher – Love in this club
Plies – I am the club
Beanie Sigel – In the Club
Young Jeezy – In this club
Lil john – In da club
R. Kelly – Freaky in the club

These are just songs with “CLUB” in the title. I went to a hip-hop lyric site and searched for “club” and almost 1,800 songs came up, how ridiculous is that? Where is the originality? Is that a thing of the past?

Does this mean that if I am new artist, when making my album, all I need to do is make a song about the club, a “murder” song, another club song, a “how rich I am” song, oh and one more club song for good measure?

This club trend is even bleeding significantly over in to R & B, one of the biggest hits of 2008 was Ushers song “Love in this Club”, where he talks about actually having sex in the club right in front every one. WOOOOOOW! Whatever happened to hotels and parking lots? LOL!

Marques Houston had a song a few years ago called “Clubbin”. The song was a hit and it was produced by the 50 year old teenager and club king, R. Kelly, who in turn made the above song “Freaky in the club” and his hit “I’m a flirt” was all about the club as well. And who was featured on that song with R. Kelly? T-Pain....and in case you didn’t know, T-Pain apparently LIVES in the club, because most of his hits are about, guess what subject?

Remember T-pain’s hit song “Bartender”, guess where they work, CLUBS. How about the song “Buy you a drank”, I am not sure what a “DRANK” is but drinks are made by whom? BARTENDERS and once again, where do they work? CLUBS!!!! Oh and don’t forget the hit song “I’m N Luv wit a stripper”, just so happens strippers work in strip CLUBS, which is where bartenders serve drinks and strippers strip!! Go figure!

T-pain also helped produce “Blame it” one of the hottest songs on the radio right now…Now boys and girls, can you guess what that song is about? THE STINKING CLUB!!!


Music is at an all time low right now because as soon as someone comes out with a hit song, no matter what it is or what it is about every one has to copy it. No originality and no artistry needed, just check the top of the music charts, then copy and paste.

We here at Classic University are saddened and depressed by this state of affairs and we are about cut out early and go to the Club and get a drank!

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