Friday, May 1, 2009


We have been watching sports at its best!!! The Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics have been playing with a high level of hustle and a refuse to lose, never say die attitude. Even though the Bulls have 3 loses, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I almost woke my entire household last night watching this game. The suspense in this entire series is better than any movie Steven Spielberg has ever done. Last night was no different.

Three overtimes, stubborn defense from both teams, old school hustle, great team play and more heart than a medical center’s cardiac wing!

One of my favorite plays last night was Bulls center Joakim Noah intercepting a frontcourt pass by Paul Pierce and then out dribbling him to the other end of the court for a three-point play that fouled out Pierce, set fire to the home crowd and helped put down the Celtics.

I also absolutely have to talk about the Mr. Cognac, Ray Allen. I call Ray Allen Mr. Cognac because Ray Allen is first-rate and sturdy yet there is no one smoother in the NBA. His shot is so effortless and pretty like a work of art and he dropped 51 on the Bulls last night.

Man I wish this was a 15 game series but it all has to end Saturday night with a game 7 in Boston. As bad as I want the Bulls to win, I honestly cannot see Boston losing that game at home but hey, this series has been full of surprises and suspense. Who knows what will happen but I cannot wait to see!!

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