Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For all of those with a life that are not sure what they are looking at, this is a picture of the Hobbit Jermaine Dupri, a Grammy award winning music producer extraordinaire, and he is showing off a new tattoo.

The tattoo is of his long time girlfriend and once a Classic University favorite Janet Jackson. Dupri had the tattoo done as a birthday gift for Janet Jackson.

However at this juncture no one really cares about Janet, she is WELL-DONE musically, she CANNOT act and she is a lunatic Jackson. Janet Jackson has overstayed her welcome, it is time to go!

So I say to Jermaine Dupri….DUDE NO ONE CARES!!!!

At this point in the game dating Janet Jackson is just like buying the Magnum P.I. Ferrari, back in 1980 every one wanted to drive it, everyone wanted to have it and everyone LOVED IT!! However, 29 years later, it cost like $47, it still looks decent but driving it now…not so special and no one really cares.

So Jermaine go ahead and get your little tattoos on your little body and ruin the little skin you have left, but don’t ever….ever, ever, ever, ever, show us again!

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