Thursday, June 18, 2009

A New Hero?

The world is in turmoil, “THRILLER” tornadoes are every where, “BAD” flooding is killing thousands, the world recession, people are rioting in Iran over the recent election and Madonna just stole another black baby!!

With times so DANGEROUS” what can we do now?

No worries, we have a new hero….BLITEMAN!!!!!

Bliteman’s known powers are to gyrate at super speeds, while grabbing himself and “Screaming” “HE-HE” at high pitch levels. While his enemies are disoriented Bliteman then strikes with a high kick from his huge “INVINCIBLE” feet.

It is believed that his name is derived from combining the words “Black and White”. Based on the fact that his hero costume is black and white (and glittery) as well as his black and white ethnicity. Bliteman’s origin has never been confirmed, Bliteman could be a “MOONWALKER” alien or could have gained his powers from some sort of freak accidental plastic surgery, no one is sure.

None of that matters now, with so many “OFF THE WALL” things happening in the world, we need a hero and here he is to “HEAL THE WORLD”.

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  1. WOW! I'm no Fashionista, but is that outfit all wrong? Is he wearing a "murse with tassels" under his jacket?