Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - Classic University Alumni

I am not going to talk about a bunch record sales and stats...that will be all over the television for the next few weeks, I will talk about what Michael Jackson meant to me and only me.
I have to admit, I was oblivious or in denial in a way yesterday. Just went on about my life like it was any other day but once the songs started pouring in on the radio and all the callers bringing up moments and memories, it all just took me back.

Not only were there too many hits to number, but those hit songs took me back to a time when every thing was good, all the family was here and at that time in my life it just felt so innocent. Michael Jackson is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) and there will never be another to do it as big as or better than him. NO OTHER ARTIST EVER SHUT DOWN PRIME TIME TV TO PREMIER A VIDEO…BEFORE OR AFTER MJ!!!

I remember the whole family getting together to watch the big floor model TV as MJ premiered “Thriller” and then a few years later, he premiered “Bad”. Both of them came on at like 8pm at night on a regular (NON-CABLE) station!!!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT?

We were excited like it was the Superbowl about to come on. I remember watching Motown 25 after MJ sent his raggedy brothers off the stage and proceeded to make history by performing Billie Jean and doing the Moonwalk…..OMG!!

Video of Motown 25 Below

As a performer and artist, MJ changed the game and he will be missed. Michael Jackson, Classic University Alumni.
HE-HE!! CHA-MON!!!!!!

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  1. tell people what the value of micheal's thriller alum would be to any collector'1982 epic release.