Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A friend ask me today….

"After thousands of years, why do Asian people still use chopsticks?
I guess they are not impressed by forks.”


Yeah it is funny but that is a great question. The Fork is a awesome invention, you can eat almost anything with them, and anything you cannot get with a fork we have the almighty Spoon, so what is the deal?

You can’t eat soup with chopsticks, you can’t cut your meat with chopsticks, I can barely pick up sushi with chopsticks, however chopsticks are quite unproblematic if you like stabbing yourself in the eye. Just ask me.

Plus a fork is so versatile, you can use a few fingers to hold a fork, just like chopsticks or you can make a fist and shove the fork right into the side of your fist and eat like a child if you wish. I love it either way.

Speaking of which, what if you have a baby and you are feeding your baby let's say.....baby-food, do you use chopsticks? What does the baby use to eat his food once he is old enough to try? I know some very intelligent and athletic adults that cannot handle chopsticks, so what is baby supposed to do?

I mean what the fork man?!?!

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