Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been a long time...

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, with out some
classics to look thru!
Just think of how many weak blogs you looked thru,
times up, sorry I left you!

Where have I been you ask? (IF YOU EVEN CARE)

Well it was football season, which means it was fantasy football time which means I was swallowed up in it! Not only does fantasy football take up a lot of my time, trying to keep my wife from thinking fantasy football is not more important than her takes up more time than fantasy football itself!

But never fear, Classic University is here! Back now with a vengeance! As well I am back with some CLASSIC UNIVERSITY SIZED ISSUES!!!

As the DEAN, CEO, and VALEDICTORIAN of Classic University, you well know Oldschool pumps through my veins and with each passing day I miss the Oldschool even more. NOTHING made me miss the Oldschool so much as watching the 2010 NBA DUNK CONTEST!

The 2010 NBA ALL-STAR Dunk Contest was the worst Dunk contest in the HISTORY of DUNK CONTEST…and not just the NBA, DUNK CONTEST PERIOD!

NONE of the contestants even looked like they cared, they were missing dunks, no flair, no personality, the crowd was barely cheering and NOT ONE DUNK was original!

Nate Washington, the winner, was just the lesser of the evils, he basically won because he is a small guy and looks decent while missing dunks and doing all the same crap from the last few years.

Granted, Nate has a slight amount of flair, he brought out a few Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, before on of the Dunks, however they were just eye candy, didn’t use them as a prop, didn’t jump over them, didn’t interact with them at all, didn’t feel them up, NOTHING! Nate just let them stand there while he missed dunk after dunk and changed from one dunk to another and then had the nerve to act like he did something after making the unoriginal dunk!

Back when the NBA was great, they had the NBA’s brightest stars in the dunk contest and those stars took it serious! They worked at their dunks, they thought about what dunks they were going to do and put time and effort into the contest.

Missed dunks were few and far in between and there were no do-overs, they scored you on the miss, you didn’t get another try, there was no “dunk” clock involved, there was no young goofy looking deer in the headlights looking punks in the contest, it was the best of the best, playing for PRIDE!

Not anymore, these tall tattooed up would be janitors have no pride, they are motivated by nothing, content with just being mediocre and it shows.

There are some classes to be taught and lessons to be learned from the Star Professor of Classic University, another one of my many titles/hats worn here on campus, because these young whippersnappers stink and they don’t even know it! I blame the NBA because the NBA is too drunk with money to tell these fools about themselves.

Let them stay drunk, and with out my hard earned money, because I will not being buying any NBA tickets to any thing ALL-STAR related, anything regular season related or anything NBA related until the playoffs begin. The NBA Playoffs is the only time we get to see any real effort out of these chumps, so until then they will not get my time or money!

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