Friday, September 11, 2009


This site is called Classic University because to me, the Oldschool is the only school. As the Dean of Classic University, I just like certain things the way they used to be, and I would very much like them to go back there.

For example, the other day I was in Home Depot and I just happen to see something called “Hand Scraped Maple”. HUH?!?! Explain to me What that is please? It looked like WOOD to me!

Whatever happened to simple things like Maple wood or Cherry wood, it has to be hand scraped now?

My favorite color used to be Blue, remember that color? The color blue is like a fossil now, they have new and improved blues like, Prussian Blue, Yale Blue and Cobalt Blue, I have even seen LAKE MICHIGAN BLUE…WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!

Lake freaking Michigan Blue? Who is thinking this crap up? It’s all motivated by the love of money and the LOVE of money is ruining this world. How you say?

Next time you are in target or some other store that sells cosmetics, go by the cosmetic aisle and you will see 1.27 billion different colors divided between 3 or 4 different manufacturers. Women are being tricked into believing that diamond blue looks better on them than peacock blue, and yes those colors actually do exist. So as a result, women go and buy 12 different colors and to see which one looks best on them.

And don’t even get me started on trying to pick a color to paint a room, have you ever seen a paint color wheel? The Sherwin Williams website color wheel has over 1500 colors in it….1500!!!!!! (1561 different colors to be exact)

Now I have a public school education so please help me on this one…there are 3 primary colors right? Then you add 3 more secondary colors, and they makes 6 colors, is that correct? Yet Sherwin freakin Williams came up with over one thousand five hundred fifty four more colors?

You are being brain washed people, it is a conspiracy to take your money!!

I remember as a child wanting the box of 64 crayons, you know the one with the with the crayon sharpener on the back of the box…AWESOME…I wanted it so bad I was ready beat up a kid and take his box of 64 crayons.

Tell me this...what kid needs 64 different colors to color Tom (a gray cat) and Jerry (a brown mouse) in a coloring book? I remember that box of 64 had gray as a color and in the same box it had the color silver…in the coloring book world, SILVER IS GREY!!! Wait, my bad, I meant say GRAY, but don’t worry cause GREY is whole other color, so there are no wrong answers here.

Some think its pure genius to come up with such a money making scheme, as an old school activist, I think its pure evil.

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  1. i have seen lake michigan and dude its not blue.